Incredible Job

Thank you for everything. We recently sold our house. It was on the market for nine months before we changed realtors. We chose Sharon based on her profile. She proved herself very ethical. She wanted our contract ended with the other realtor before considering our house. We were sold! She had great insight into our house. She did a thorough assessment of the neighborhood and the general housing market. We met on time and she agreed to be our realtor. Our neighbors were also impressed with her. She did multiple open houses. The house was listed on every possible website. The photos and videos showcased the house amazingly well. We almost did not recognize the house. We gave her the keys and other materials. We told her that we did not want to return to the house. She came through. She took care of all that needed to be done.  She did an incredible job. She pleased the neighbors by putting a wreath on the front door. She is an expert realtor especially for the clientele of the mid-fifties. She speaks and understands their language. We are very pleased with her and you will be too.